Mosaic in Macomb partners with people with intellectual disabilities to provide a meaningful life in a caring community, giving a voice to their needs.

Mosaic in Macomb provides the following supports:

    Residential Services - Adults with developmental disabilities reside in home settings. Programming is geared to assist people in becoming more independent in home management, community mobility, transportation, recreation and leisure activities. Our services support a person's full participation in community life. Though still grounded in our Lutheran roots, Mosaic provides non-denominational services and hires staff from all religions. Spiritual nurture is still an important part of our services. People are aided in attending the church of their choice and devotions are made available each wee to those who are interested. Our services consider every person capable of growth, development and learning when given appropriate opportunities.

      Day Services - Day services tailor to a variety of activities adapted to each person's needs, wants and interests. Within the day service setting there are four programs established for individuals: Supported Employment Program, Developmental Training Program, the regular work program, and an At-Home Day Program.

        Host Homes match a person with a disability with someone who provides the assistance needed for daily living in a family-like or roommate-like setting. It is a win-win situation for the provider and for the person receiving services.

        • Host homes offer the least restrictive, most natural living environment.
        • Host homes help people achieve the highest degree of life satisfaction and personal goals.
        • Providers receive a good income while working from their homes.
        • Full training and support to ensure success is provided by Mosaic professional staff.

        Beth & Friends Gifts and Consignment Shop - Provides valuable work training opportunities for adults with disabilities. The shop accepts crafts, antiques, clothing and used book consignments as well as donations from interested community participants. The people in supports learn a variety of skills including cleaning and tagging items, answering the phone and waiting on customers. Some of the store's offerings are crafts hand made by the people Mosaic supports.

        Day Services Provide training and work opportunities with the tasks of furniture refinishing paper shredding and auto detailing.

        At-Home Day Program - Provides recreational, leisure and some work activities for individuals who are of retirement age, or are unable to attend the Day Service.

        Recreational Opportunities - Community resources such as sporting events and art and musical festivals help meet people's social and leisure needs.

        - At Mosaic, advocacy is a part of our mission. We advocate for and with people who have disabilities so they may choose appropriate supports, defend their rights and express their opinions. Mosaic advocates find their voices heard locally in their own communities, in statehouses across the land, and in several countries around the world. Mosaic's advocacy efforts include:

        • Broadening the capacity for advocacy at the local, state, national and international level.
        • Participating in numerous coalitions formed to affect public policy.
        • Networking with grassroots advocates to pass legislation affecting the lives of people who have disabilities.
        • Assisting other nonprofit organizations to develop and enhance their supports.
        • Increasing volunteer advocacy participation locally, nationally and globally.

        Mosaic in Macomb works with several agencies who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities:

        Mosaic in Macomb advocates for the people we support in many ways. We take trips to Springfield and consistently write letters to government officials voicing our concerns and making them aware of our needs.

        We are kept current on advocacy issues the deal with important issues for people with developmental disabilities and the programs that serve them. For more information on becoming an advocate for people with disabilities, consider becoming a Mosaic Allied Voices (MAV) Volunteer. If you would like to be forwarded email alerts that are received at our office, we will add you to our email alert list. To be added, use our contact us form and check advocacy.

        Self Advocacy Training - The people that we support, along with staff assistance learn how to become active advocates for their personal well being. We encourage individuals to voice their concerns, thoughts, and opinions to foster open and honest discussion on their programming and lifestyle needs. Additionally, we encourage all individuals to use their voice and express their hopes, wants, and dreams to fulfill our goal of of providing a life of possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities.

        Spiritual Opportunities - Mosaic supports spiritual nurturing and growth. With the assistance of staff and volunteers, people are encouraged to participate in the religious services of their choice. Mosaic works to promote inclusion within various faith communities.

        To receive services from Mosaic in Macomb, a person must be 18 years of age or older.

        Our CILA services are funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services.

        For placement into our services contact Western Illinois Service Coordination (WISC) at 309.833.1621.

        For more information, attend a Discover the Possibilities event or contact us.