Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska

All her life Melanie was dismissed as 'just making noise'. While most people dismissed Melanie, Mosaic staff saw her as a person with hopes, dreams, and a life a possibilities. Prior to coming to Mosaic, Melanie didn't speak and had no way of communicating with others.

Now, Melanie has purchased two big Mac switches that can record messages of any kind. Her staff member, Leanne says, "I love that Mel uses her buttons to have an entire conversation with me. I ask her yes or no questions, and she answers me and tell me things like where she went last night. She will tell me about Aktion Club, a dance she attended, a Midland game or if she went shopping." These switches have created a life of possibilities for Melanie because now she is able to communicate and have a voice. I know that this is a life any of us would want for our loved ones.

To hear inspiring stories like Melanie's, please attend one of our upcoming free one-hour Discover the Possibilities events. These events are designed to introduce you to Mosaic and our mission told through stories by those who know it best - the people we serve, their families and our staff. For more information, view upcoming Discover the Possibilities event dates.