Friday, August 8, 2014
Mosaic in Liberal

Every year, Mosaic's Over The Rainbow Committee does fundraising for people to take part in the annual SACK (Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas) conference in Topeka. Robert assists every year in the Flamingo Flocking fundraiser. He looks forward to placing flamingos on yards and learning more about his rights each year. With the money raised two people were able to travel to Topeka and attend the SACK conference in June. One of them being Robert Roe. 

Robert traveled to Topeka with his fellow committee members and three staff. Robert attended courses which educated him on the voting process. While in Topeka, Robert's father, aunt, and sister all stopped by and picked up Robert for a day of fun. During their time together they went to the zoo, his family's house to watch a movie, and out to eat. Robert had a fantastic time and enjoyed each moment. When asked what it was like to go to Topeka, Robert responded, “It was good, I met a lot of different people and got see the movie Thor with my sister.” After a long year of waiting Robert was able to spend some quality time with his family.