Keri shares her run on Facebook with Flossie.
Flossie Driskill
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Mosaic in Southeast Kansas

Flossie Driskill and her new friend, Keri Kimble, are inspiring each other to become more active through an online program called "I Run 4 Michael" that pairs athletes and people with disabilities.

"I Run 4 Michael" (IR4), connects athletes to individuals with disabilities who cannot run because of physical or developmental reasons. Athletes run and post the pictures on the group's Facebook page. Their buddy can then like and comment on the photos of their athletes. The program provides mutual support and helps both the athlete and their buddy inspire one another to be more active.

Amber Ames, Mosaic's Health Services Assistant, was on a waiting list to be paired with a buddy through IR4 and helped encourage Flossie to sign up. Within 24 hours, Flossie received notification that she and Keri Kimble had been paired!

Keri, who lives in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, says Flossie inspires her to reach her goals. "While I am running, my mindset has changed. I no longer think about what I need to get done when I am finished running. I am thinking about what pictures I can take that Flossie would enjoy or what Flossie may be doing in Kansas at that moment." Keri says.

Flossie enjoys looking at all the photos Keri posts on Facebook. She has even been encouraged to try new activities such as fishing and a Frisbee game! If you are interested in signing up as an athlete or a buddy through IR4, you can find out more by visiting!