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The Gift of a Forever Family

Rose and Jude Bernard had three teenage children when they became home providers with Mosaic for three toddlers who later were adopted into the family.

Dustin Exemplifies How to Love and Serve

After the first time he donated, the Red Cross sent Dustin a letter saying his O positive blood type was Cytomegalovirus (CMV) negative–an extremely rare type of blood that can be given to newborns. “Dustin was so happy. We knew he could save a baby’s life,” his mother said.

The Gift of a Forever Family

Three little ones recently gained a “forever family” thanks to their child development home providers (now adoptive parents), Rose and Jude Bernard. Your gifts help make stories like these happen.

‘A Complete Turnaround’ for Matt

Matt’s parents struggled with repeatedly finding new services for him due to violent behaviors, but his story has a happy ending. After he moved into a Mosaic home just over three years ago, everything changed. Matt’s mom called it “a complete turnaround” for her son.

A Complete Turnaround

Matt had “complete turnaround” with Mosaic. His story is one example of our purpose—to love and serve—coming to life. Your support makes stories like his happen.

Discover the Possibilities – Central Iowa

Join us for a virtual tour of Mosaic’s mission and work by those who know it best – the people we support, their families, and the people who serve. Contact Janet Fisher at 515.868.0623 or for more information and to receive the...

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