Woodson Close
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Mosaic in Colorado Springs

For the past five years, Woodson “Woody” Close, has been working tremendously hard to lose weight.

At his heaviest, Woody weighed 255 pounds. Last July, Woody met his goal of losing 100 pounds. The best news is that he has continued to maintain his weight since then!

Woody attributes his success to his individual growth and education about healthy lifestyle choices. He strives to eat nutritious meals and get exercise on a daily basis. Woody’s host home provider, Theresa, prepares meals and snacks for him and has regular discussions with Woody about healthy choices. She has gone above and beyond as a host home provider to provide the many supports Woody requires to achieve and maintain his health goals.

Beyond Woody’s supportive family and host home provider, he has the emotional support of his previous host home provider, Courtney, who now lives out-of-state. Through phone and email correspondence, Courtney has remained an active member of Woody’s Interdisciplinary Team at Mosaic and a strong pillar of support for him through his weight loss journey.

Woody has completed a remarkable resolution – despite mental health and thyroid issues that he battles daily. Mosaic and all of Woody’s friends and family are very proud of his success and look forward to supporting him in his future achievements.