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Possibilities are the stock-in-trade at Mosaic. 

Whether it is for the people we serve, our employees, donors, volunteers or the communities we're in, we want to make new possibilities come to life.

We're optimists at heart, believing that something good is always right around the corner. 

We also believe that our mission is a shared mission; we're in this together with the people we serve, their families, our donors and volunteers, and the communities we're in. 

It is a crowd-sourced mission!  So join in.  Be a part of Mosaic possibilities.


Arial works at her job.

Ariel's successful journey to employment is due in large part to support she received from Mosaic's Partnership with occupational therapy students at the University of Kansas.

It would probably be a toss-up if you asked who benefits more from a partnership between Mosaic in Northeast Kansas and the University of Kansas...Read more

DeAndre and Chris smile at the camera.

All Janice Herod has ever wanted is for someone to love her adopted son Chris just as much as she does. Thanks to Mosaic at Home provider DeAndre, she doesn’t have to worry any more.

“DeAndre and Chris do not just have a shared living relationship. DeAndre calls Chris his brother and I have gained a wonderful new son,” Janice said. 

It’s a far cry from the first time Janice met Chris.

She still remembers...Read more

BCC: Why we do what we do

Mosaic’s International program and our partner, Building and Caring Community in Moshi, Tanzania, have undergone a lot of changes over the last year. After spending most of 2016 with some key staff positions empty, we are happy to welcome Samuel Mori, Victoria Urassa, and Sister Woinde the BCC team. We are so excited for BCC to have a complete staff once again and can’t wait to see what all this new talent will mean for the organization.

On Mosaic’s side, Meritt Buyer who...Read more

My heart broke when I opened the news this morning to see a story of a young man with an intellectual disability who was allegedly kidnapped and beaten by four young people in Chicago.

While details are still coming out, police representatives believe that the man’s disability may have been a motivating factor in the incident.

It’s easy to speculate, call this a one-off incident/horrible tragedy and swipe up to read through the next thing on your news feed, but impact matters. 

It’s important to recognize that disability is often an under-looked factor in crime,...Read more

Happy New Year! 2017

There are three distinct periods that define Mosaic’s history.  The first began when the original campuses of Bethphage and Martin Luther Home were created as safe, inviting homes for people with disabilities. 

That period lasted through the late 1970s, when change came and people were beginning to move back into their home communities.  This marked the beginning of the second period in our history.  It was a dramatic...Read more

As we're closing the door on 2016, we are reflecting on some of the great stories we’ve shared at mosaicpossible.org. Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order.

1. Budding Artists in Tanzania

A young girl looks at her photo.

The opportunity to...Read more

Piles of Presents

In the biblical story of the birth of Jesus, a “great company” of angels appeared to shepherds, praising God and signaling peace to people of good will.

In Kansas City, Kansas, there’s a great company of ‘Mosaic angels’ who make Christmas a little brighter for many people served by Mosaic. 

Mark and Becky Nicholson have been involved as volunteers serving people with disabilities for more than 30 years.  Through her work as a University of Kansas professor...Read more

A young boy with a disability lays on the floor, looking into a nativity scene.
(Photo is from Martin Luther Homes, a Mosaic legacy organization, circa 1970.)

“I wonder as I wander out under the sky, How Jesus the Savior did come for to die.”
- from I Wonder as I Wander by John Jacob Niles

When I get an opportunity to hold a newborn, I am entranced with wonder.  There is a sense of awe as I reflect upon the magnificent fragility of...Read more

In the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus, Joseph is told in a dream that he should not fear taking Mary as his wife because “what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit” (NIV Matthew 1:20).  

It is easy to see ourselves in Joseph’s position.  His engagement to Mary was not playing out as he had imagined it would.  Yet—lucky guy—Joseph has an angel come to him in a dream and reassure him that all will be well.

How often...Read more

A LCC dog gets training on how to support someone who uses a wheelchair.

For many people, giving back is a natural part of the holiday season. For the people Mosaic supports it is a year-long endeavor.

Here’s just a few highlights of some them.

The people Mosaic supports in Pontiac, Ill. are avid supporters of Lutheran Church Charities comfort dogs. These well trained pups are deployed all around the United States to help ease tensions, provide companionship and relieve stress, especially in...Read more