Mosaic Presents: Bold Lives

Today marks the first day of National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month!

Join us all month long as we shine a spotlight on the BOLD LIVES of the people we support.

Here are just a few of the bold, beautiful and meaningful stories that are unfolding every day across Mosaic.

Debbie Hayes

Debbie Hayes was content living in a group home, but had no desire to be active outside the house. Two years ago, she moved to a host home and changed her life.

Debbie has lost over 60 pounds and cut her medications from 13 a day to six, four of which are supplements.

Improved health has allowed her to discontinue use of a wheelchair. She now only uses a walker as needed.

With her infectious laughter and smile, Debbie brings joy to us all.

Blaise Lindemoen

Blaise, his direct support professional, London, and Mosaic at Home provider, Erin, have worked hard in recent months. Blaise was unhappy, overweight and unable to participate in his favorite activity: horseback riding.

After dropping almost 40 pounds and focusing on his overall happiness, Blaise has returned to his old self. He’s eating healthier, willing to try new things and in May, he’ll be able to ride again. He can’t wait.

Blaise is a happier, lighter and more energetic person.

Marrio Henry

Shortly after Marrio came to Mosaic, he shared that he wanted a job so he could make his own money. Mosaic staff knew he was capable and set to work right away to identify possible employers.

By engaging community partners, Mosaic secured Marrio an interview with Buffalo Wild Wings. They were blown away by Marrio’s eagerness to work, and when they asked him if he would be more comfortable having staff come with him for the first couple of days, Marrio said, “No, I want to be independent.”

Marrio has been working at Buffalo Wild Wings ever since. When we go back to check on how things are going, the other staff ask if we have any more possible employees like him because he is such a joy to work with.

Marrio is proud that he makes his own money and happy to have new friends in the community.

Sue Buchanan

Though you wouldn’t guess it at first, Sue Buchanan is the loudest cheerleader on her Special Olympics cheerleading team.

Sue’s dream of cheerleading became a reality when Mosaic employees noticed her cheering on her peers when she watched them participate in Special Olympics events. It was evident that Sue’s positive, energetic and enthusiastic nature would make her a perfect cheerleader.

“Without Mosaic, Sue would not be able to do the things she does today,” says Bert Buchanan, Sue’s mother.

Sue plans to participate in other Special Olympics events in the future, including swimming. With the support of Mosaic’s dedicated staff, Sue’s voice continues to be recognized and respected.

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