Celebrating Direct Support Professionals Support Throughout Life’s Journey

At times I have heard direct support professionals (DSPs) say things like, “I’m just a direct support associate.”

There is no such thing as “just” a direct support associate.

More appropriately, they should say something like, “My job makes the lives of people with disabilities better. In making their lives better, I make the lives of their families and communities too. I’m important to a lot of people.”

Today marks the beginning of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week. Mosaic’s celebrates the week by focusing on life’s journey, and the people who share it.

To the DSPs at Mosaic, thank you for being here providing support through life’s journey.

When I hear family members talk about our direct support staff, I often hear words like “angel” or “saint.” You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. It’s a big deal to help someone retain their dignity and independence.

That’s why Mosaic’s tagline for this year’s recognition week, “DSPs measure the journey in smiles” is so appropriate.

The smiles appear on the faces of the people they support, family members, the DSP’s face, as well.

Direct support professionals help people with everything from taking them to a doctor’s appointment or grocery shopping, to cooking and cleaning, and bathing and dressing. They are companions, teachers, mentors, cheerleaders and friends.

But most importantly – they are there. They are part of the life journey of the people they support.

Throughout this week, we’ll be sharing some first-person stories from Mosaic direct support professionals. You’ll be able to read and listen to their firsthand accounts of what the work means to them.

Here’s the first, featuring Ayuen Nyok.

If you know any DSPs, take the opportunity this week to thank them. If you want to stand with them and support people with disabilities, and use the frame we’ve provided to let others know you stand with people with disabilities (PwD).

Life is a journey, and Mosaic’s DSPs are great traveling companions.

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