Changing Models of Service Open Doors to Innovative Partnerships

There’s no question; services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are changing rapidly.

As the recognized leader, Mosaic is working at the forefront of this evolution, driving change and redefining models of service to meet the needs of the future.

The people we serve and their families desire and deserve greater independence; closer ties to the community; new opportunities for employment, volunteer and social activities; and a healthy, active lifestyle.

At the same time, Mosaic faces increased regulation while funding for services is stagnant or, worse, declining. Mosaic is asked to do more with less. 

To be both more efficient and more effective with service delivery, Mosaic is intentionally moving from programs and buildings to person-centered services and networks of support.

This shifting landscape is a hotbed for innovative partnerships, and Mosaic has been exploring new opportunities for collaboration in many of the communities we serve.

One partnership recently forged is with Crossroads Center Rescue Mission in Hastings, Nebraska, a faith-based shelter that offers food, safety and a four-phase recovery program to men, women and children experiencing homelessness.

Identifying an opportunity to share space and overhead costs, the two organizations came together to renovate the existing Crossroads Center to accommodate Mosaic’s administrative offices in Hastings. The newly-renovated space also serves as a hub where people served can meet before and after working or volunteering in the community. 

“This is a win-win for the people we serve and for Crossroads,” said Sheila Krolikowski, executive director of Mosaic in Central Nebraska. “We’re excited about the new programming options it offers us and, as a nonprofit, we are always happy to find ways to save money without compromising our quality.”

“It’s all about community inclusion with our services,” said Nate Panowicz, associate director of Mosaic in Central Nebraska. “This partnership and the home base we now have allows us to focus on that.

“Now, the people we serve can get that job they’ve been working on, or they can volunteer. They can reach their life of possibilities. This new space is a place for them to drop in throughout their day if they need a break or to eat lunch.”

Crossroads, which relies on volunteers to fulfill its mission, is also benefitting from people served by Mosaic working in the kitchen and on-site thrift store.

“The people Mosaic serves need something to do, and we actually need help doing some of the things that we do,” said Jerry Bumgardner, executive director of Crossroads. “Collaborating and working together, we can get more work done, it costs less, and what a great thing to be able to work together to change a community.”

People in service are enjoying the new partnership, as well.

“I really like to help out,” said Tyler Staggs, a person served by Mosaic and employed by Crossroads. “Before I was working at Crossroads, I was volunteering here because I think they do a great job helping people out. We both work together really well. I am always seeing people that live at Crossroads opening and holding doors for people at Mosaic and doing whatever they can to help.”

“It is very important to me to meet new people,” said Chris Day, a person served by Mosaic who lives at Crossroads. “Being in the new space has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and really understand what is going on in my community. It’s also given me opportunities to help out.”

Several months into the partnership, the bonds between the two groups are only growing.

“When we first moved into our new space, I never saw us utilizing the whole building,” said Jeff Kingsley, community relations officer at Mosaic in Central Nebraska. “Now, anytime I come to Hastings, I see the people we serve all over the building. Whether they are downstairs volunteering in the thrift store or just in one of the open spaces doing an activity, they are interacting with each other more and more.”

“Everyone is working together, and that is what we really envisioned when we started dreaming what this partnership could look like,” Bumgardner said.

Solving large-scale challenges in healthcare requires a unified approach. We’re always looking for partners willing to dream big, work collaboratively and make a difference. Let’s connect! 

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