A Meaningful Life for Paul and Tigger

Paul and Tigger bond.

When’s the last time you had the opportunity to pursue something you love?

Paul can tell you exactly when his last chance was.

Last summer, Paul, who is supported by Mosaic in Delaware, along with four other people, started taking horseback riding lessons at The Center for Therapeutic and Educational Riding, Inc.

During the first six weeks of lessons, Paul and his classmates learned about grooming, feeding and interacting with horses. Participants learned about the lifestyle of a horse, what foods they should eat and how to exercise them.

Each participant took care of a horse for the entire course. Paul was paired with Tigger and they have become great friends.

When Paul was asked what he thought about his lessons he happily said, “I love, love, love it!”

Relationships like Paul and Tigger’s wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of local donors and the Center’s commitment to unlocking potential in people with disabilities.

While some states fund this type of therapy (which can have a huge effect on people with disabilities), it can be hit and miss.

Mosaic works to make sure that all of the people we support can have opportunities like this.

Paul enjoyed his lessons so much he decided to save up his money and take a second course over the winter months where he learned to ride Tigger. During each lesson, Paul displayed significant improvement in his riding skills and eagerly awaits learning new techniques.

After riding Tigger for the first time, Paul was told it was time to step off his horse to which he said, “Already?”

And we love, love, love that.

This post originally appeared in the Mosaic in Delaware newsletter.

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