Highlighting Mosaic’s Supports for Autism Services

Highlighting Mosaic’s Supports for Autism Services

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Recognizing the unique supports that assist people with autism to excel has guided Mosaic’s Grow Our Own Clinician program to grow from one clinician six years ago to more than 20 today, and to support more than 100 employees to receive their IBCCES Autism Credential.

Saretta’s Driving Experience

This past summer, Saretta Jones received her driver’s license after the seventh attempt to pass the road test. That’s persistence. That’s Saretta. Here’s her first-person story. I just want to tell you my driving experience as a new driver. It felt good to have my...

Celebrating Volunteers with Disabilities

Warm, delicious, homemade cinnamon rolls. The anticipation. The smell. The taste. Mmmmmm. This week is a good opportunity to share just a few of the things people served by Mosaic do for others, such as serving homemade cinnamon rolls. That’s what Daniel does as part...