Saretta’s Driving Experience

Saretta's Zipcar

This past summer, Saretta Jones received her driver’s license after the seventh attempt to pass the road test. That’s persistence. That’s Saretta. Here’s her first-person story.

I just want to tell you my driving experience as a new driver. It felt good to have my driver’s license on May 4, just in time before my birthday and the summer, after my seventh try to pass my driving road test.

I have learned a lot from my driver instructor by doing parallel parking, 3-point/2-point turns, passing lanes and using turn signals. I want to thank my staff for teaching me and taking the time to help me go over the driver manual by talking about it, showing me and reviewing what I learned about driving in the book manual.

My Mosaic staff took me to driving school to meet with the lady to do my driving lessons in the classroom, it was 1:1 lessons. And then when my seventh lesson was up, I got driving lessons with my new driving instructor.

He picked me up at my house. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I took my road test and failed the first time. I was frustrated, but I knew I could do it.

After the seventh time, the professional driving instructor says to me, “Congratulations Saretta, you passed your driving road test!” I said, “Omg! Omg! I did it!!!!” I got out of the car, everyone cheered and clapped and my driver instructor who taught me gave me a hug and he says “Yay, Saretta!!! You did it!”

I went in to the DMV to get my driver’s license on May 4, 2017. Everyone clapped and cheered for me. “Congratulations!!!” I was soo excited, omg, I couldn’t wait to tell my parents, everyone! I drove to work that day. I felt like celebrating!

Last month, I applied for Zipcar rental because I couldn’t apply for regular rental car. I reserved my first rental Zipcar and went to pick up my boyfriend at his parent’s house to take him to the Mosaic BBQ at Banning Park on September 16. I drove like a pro! I couldn’t believe it myself! I was so thrilled I can’t wait to drive again! I can drive anywhere and everywhere!

Angi (McCloskey, Community Relations Officer at Mosaic in Delaware) posted a video of me driving the Zipcar on Mosaic’s Facebook page! Wow, 68 likes and 25 comments! Whoa! Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my article “Saretta’s Driving Experience”

Written by Saretta Jones. 10.3.17

Saretta is served by Mosaic in Delaware.

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