Gregg relaxing in the pool.
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Mosaic in Pontiac

Remember when you went to day camp? There was excitement of days planned with friends, food and nature.

A group of almost 30 people, plus staff and volunteers had the chance to participate and have some fun during day camp, thanks to Livingston County Mental Health Board who provided all the funding needed for the people at Mosaic go this year. They had three days of camping at the Timber Pointe Center run by Easter Seals.

Everything was perfect, except for the bugs; but what is the great outdoors without bugs? Besides, there is bug spray for that and, thanks to donor gifts and donations, we had plenty! After the campers arrived to the Timber Point Center they all applied some of that bug repellant and hit the trail. First stop was the small animal petting area. Most of the animals were shy or maybe hot from the morning sun, but with a few encouraging words and promises of a treat, a couple brave critters wandered by us and allowed a few campers to pet them.

The weather was perfect all three days. The campers got to fish, take a ride on the pontoon boat, make a tie-dye handkerchief, make and eat s’mores (a first time for one of our campers) and go swimming, a favorite for most. Those who didn’t go swimming had an assortment of other water fun items, like balloons, guns and the sprinkler.

What is summer without day camp?