Thursday, June 29, 2017
Mosaic in Pontiac

For Donald Doughty, a person served by Mosaic who everyone calls DJ, getting his driver’s license is a big deal. When DJ was asked:  “What might someone be surprised to know about you?”  He immediately replied, “I love to work. It gives me money. I love the ‘green stuff.’”  

DJ was tired of riding his bike to work. Not to mention the path he had to take was full of traffic and he questioned his safety at times. That’s one of the reasons he decided he would try to learn to drive, again. This would be his second attempt. Before DJ moved to Pontiac, he had a friend who was willing to be his instructor. But not just anybody is capable of being a good driving instructor. This is something DJ had to learn the hard way. After a few weeks of lessons his friend became a bit nervous and lost his patience and grabbed the steering wheel while DJ was driving. DJ stopped taking lessons. That was his first attempt with a driving instructor. 

In Pontiac he met his Direct Support Staff Tim Parks.  After their first introduction, DJ says, “I knew we would get along right away.” Parks works with DJ three or four days a week.

“Tim is the most patient person I ever met,” DJ said.  

Tim is not new to the task of being a driving instructor; he taught his son, which Tim describes as “interesting.” But Tim knew that you need to be patient and not yell or over-react because that would just make the driver nervous. Tim took his time with DJ and gave him plenty of hours to learn and be comfortable with the car. He started out in a big empty parking lot and then graduated to country roads, where there was very little traffic. He had one scary moment where he was driving out on a country road and DJ took a turn too fast. But DJ didn’t panic even though Tim was a bit alarmed.

“I wouldn’t have been able to recover from that turn if I was driving, but DJ pulled it off and did it!” Tim said.

It’s not a surprise that DJ’s mom wasn’t too keen on the idea. She was worried for him. But with a year of driving lessons through days and nights of sun, rain and snow driving experience under his belt, DJ passed his driving exam at the end March. 

“If I put my mind to something, I try it, work at it until I achieve it. Now look, I did it!” DJ said.

DJ’s advice to anyone who would like to get their driver’s license, “The most important thing is to be patient. Take it slow. And save up your money so you can buy your own car.” 

Working together and using some patience Tim helped to give DJ the fortitude to meet his challenge and accomplish his goal.