Action, not anger, is needed today

Jan Hogan and her sister Carrie

Don’t get mad. Take action.

I learned that piece of wisdom years ago and it still rings true, especially in light of recent developments in Washington regarding health care.

In May, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, which would devastate the lives of people with disabilities by cutting Medicaid funding. Last week the Senate version was released, the Better Care Reconciliation Act. It’s even worse.

I want to be mad at the heartless gutting of Medicaid that would bulldoze the progress people with disabilities have made in the last five decades. But being mad does nothing. I need to act. You do too. 

Please call your Senators and ask them to vote NO on the BCRA. It’s simple. Call 202-224-3121. Ask for your Senator by name and you’ll be connected to the Senator’s office. Then repeat, calling your other Senator. If you get an answering machine, leave a message. Let them know you care about people with disabilities and the BCRA is bad for them.

The BCRA would compound the challenges that are already present. One is the growth in the number of people needing services. The waiting lists for services across the United States have more than doubled in size since 2005.

Add to that the number of people who have disabilities and are living with aging family caregivers. About 75 percent of people with disabilities live with their families. Of those, more than 25 percent live with a caregiver who is older than 60.

We also know that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are living longer, requiring care into their retirement years. Between 2000 and 2030, the number of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities over age 60 will double.

There are already these challenges plus many other rational reasons why the AHCA/BCRA are bad policy. 

But for me, in the end, it boils down to caring for people. This is about human beings and the life each person deserves.

We’ve been producing a series of videos about people who receive Medicaid to provide the supports Mosaic offers. I’m happy to share the newest, about a person named Carrie, as told by her sister Jan. Please watch it and share it with others.

We’re trying to move hearts and heads toward action. Let’s not get mad about what’s happening. Let’s act to change it. Together.


Just called Sasse's office. I asked if they were getting calls supporting the BCRA and the staff said YES. It boggles the mind.

Thanks, Julie. It stresses the importance of making calls to let the voice of people with disabilities be heard.

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