Family Means No One Gets Left Behind

Crystal and Chris in front of the family Christmas tree.“It feels like family to me.”

It’s a great compliment when a guest can say that at your home.

Those are the words Chris Phillips used when asked about going to Crystal Delgado’s home for Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and her kids’ birthdays, and … just for fun.

But it is really important to him at Christmas.

“Since I have nowhere to go for the holidays, Crystal invited me to her family house,” Chris said.  “I like going over there because they do a lot of fun stuff.”

Chris receives services from Mosaic in San Angelo, Texas.  Crystal has worked for Mosaic for several years.  As she got to know Chris, who lives on his own, she didn’t want him to be alone for Christmas since his own family was so far away.

“Knowing that he can celebrate the holidays with my family, which is also his family, that means he is not alone,” Crystal said.  “We give him Christmas gifts.  We eat as a family.”

Christmas with Crystal’s family is one of those big celebrations, often with as many as 45 people between her children, her brothers’ families, her cousins, etc.  Chris really loves interacting with them all, but Colby, 11, and Mckkinzi, 9, Crystal’s children, are pretty special to him.

“Aww shoot, her kids love me to death,” Chris said.  “As soon as I’m around them it’s all fun and games.  We love to play video games or dress up dolls.”

Chris doesn’t mind playing dress up dolls with Mckinzi, he said.  He also enjoys watching football and going out to the yard to throw one around with the guys.  That’s what families do.

“She took me in as one of her own children.  It made me feel comfortable,” Chris said.  “She is the best person I’ve ever known.”

I could tell Chris that we’ve got many employees like Crystal, people with big hearts and welcoming homes.  They’re people like Sharon Ringgold, at Mosaic in Delaware, who also makes sure that the people she serves have special holidays.

“If someone doesn’t go home for the holidays, I take them with me,” Sharon said.  “My sister says, ‘If someone doesn’t go home, make sure you bring them!’”

Just like Crystal, Sharon makes sure that other times are special too.

“I know how it feels to be alone,” Sharon said.  “It makes me sad if I figure they’re not going to have a good meal or stuff that they need.  It hurts me.  I want things right for them just as I want things right in my life.”

One of the best things when we celebrate Christmas is being surrounded by people who love and care for you as much as you love and care for them.  At Mosaic we try to do that by creating a caring community for people—those we serve and employees alike.  There are hundreds of employees like Crystal and Sharon across the country who, every day, go out of their way to make someone else’s life better.  That really is a gift to celebrate this Christmas.

Thank you Crystal, Sharon, and all the other Mosaic employees who do so much.

I pray that all of you have joy-filled holidays and can celebrate with those you love, the people who are your family, whether you’re related or not!

Merry Christmas!


Crystal has been a awesome friend of mine for many years. She has always been the type of person to give you her coat of her back to you. The person who will be there for you no matter what she is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. OHANA Means Family Nobody Gets Left Behind

Thank you Esther! We are very honored to have employees like Crystal! Happy Holidays!

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