A Good Start and a Happy Return

Michelle BroadyWhen Michelle Broady moved into her new home on our campus in Beatrice, Neb., it was a homecoming of sorts. Although the home is new to her, Mosaic and its legacy, Martin Luther Home, is not. Michelle was the star of a 1996 fundraising brochure and article in the Martin Luther Home News.

Michelle was born in 1994. Her mother Lori, a special education teacher, worked with Martin Luther Homes in Beatrice to create an Early Childhood Intervention Program for Michelle and other children. In the News article, Lori said the program helped Michelle make great progress early in life.

Now 21, Michelle lives at Oak Home at Mosaic in Beatrice. She is active in the workshop and had been rapidly making friends.

Her mother Lori continues to be involved, too. Working with the local Community Relations Manager she is helping to establish a chapter of the advocacy group, People First.

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