Happy Adminstrative Professionals Day!

Sparklann Sparrow

Sparklann Sparrow won’t choose between quick or thorough, between kind or efficient. In her role as Administrative Assistant for Mosaic in Delaware, she makes sure she is both.

“I always want to make sure I’m doing everything I’ve committed to,” she said. “I try to go the extra mile like I would want people to do for me.”

The extra mile means doing those extra things, like drawing out a map if someone stops in the office asking for directions, or calling employees to remind them they have a mandatory training the next day so they won’t miss it.

Sparklann lives up to her name – you can hear her infectious smile through the phone. When asked about the unique name, she said she has come to thank her father for it, then adds that her sister is named Diamond and her brothers, Golden and Sterling.

Sparklann has been with Mosaic for nine years and had previously worked at a bank, a hospital and other jobs. But after coming to Mosaic, she plans to stay around for the long haul.

“You can tell that the people here really care about what they’re doing,” she said. “The mission statement has God in it. That’s all I need. What more could you ask for?”

One of the things Sparklann loves about her job is the thing that makes Administrative Professionals so valuable: she wears a lot of different hats. They include her administrative role like answering the phone and helping people with password resets, HR duties (she is working toward a bachelor’s in HR management), chairing the staff development committee and serving on four others, she is even supervising a person served by Mosaic as a part-time front-desk staff member.

She is never bored.

“Every year I’m growing more and doing more,” she said. “I never feel stagnant, never feel that I’m not growing or don’t have the opportunity to learn more. I do a lot, but I like the challenge. I like being busy. Most of the time I’m disappointed the day is over because I have more to do.”

Make sure that today – Administrative Professionals Day – you thank the Sparklann in your workplace for all they do to keep us organized, on time, and prepared; to make our letters look better, our visitors feel welcome, and our files in the right order; to calm us down and rev us up.

Our workplaces could not function without them.


Thanks Spark for what you do for us daily and I pray and hope that the almighty Lord will continues to guard your beautiful path.

Thank you Zaebele

Miss Sparkle i just want to say thanks a lot for being there for us as staffs.You have been a big help for all of us who needed direction and support to make things happen.with your smile and determination to help,you have always made it easy for us,you will push always to end until it is done,i really admire your courage,love,integritity you are putting in to get things done(help).I pray that one day i reach my goal9changing people's life for better).May God bless your life millions times.Love you.

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