Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in our Mosaic family.

I’ve always appreciated the distinction between being able to father a child and being a father to a child. The first is easy. The latter, however, takes energy, effort, and time.

One of the things that surprised (and saddened) me when I came to work at Mosaic us the number of parents who have little or no involvement with their adult children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, are the parents who are active advocating for their child, spending time with their child, celebrating their child. I admire them.

Over and over I hear from parents how having a child with a disability is a blessing. There is no question it is life-changing. And those who embrace that change do seem to find more joy, more fulfilment in being mom and dad.

I especially appreciate it when I see it in dads. Any person can build emotional walls, but it seems that it is easier (and more accepted) in men. That’s a pity. 

To watch a father’s heart melt over his child and is a showstopper.

Recently, I’ve been involved in interviews with parents, creating advocacy videos called “The Face of Medicaid.” You can watch them here.

I’m happy to introduce one featuring a father. He is devoted to his children. He is an advocate for his children. I think you’ll enjoy their story.

We at Mosaic are grateful for fathers like Doug. Mosaic’s passion is to serve individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Involved parents make it more fulfilling for us.

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