Relax a Little, it’s Summertime!

Mosaic staff and people in service enjoy a trip during the summer.

It’s easy for me to picture myself, years ago, with watermelon juice dripping from my face as I lean forward, trying to keep my clothes from getting too messy, spitting out the seeds from the watermelon slice I’m greedily eating.

It’s a defining summertime memory for me.

A good memory.

Across Mosaic these days, many people served are creating great memories for the future. It is summertime–complete with picnics, fun learning experiences, vacation trips and summertime parties. 

Ah, summertime. 

Several people from Mosaic in Winfield, Kansas, headed across the river to Branson, Missouri, for a short vacation. A staff member who went along shared the many things they did; it was a busy three days.

Along with Silver Dollar City and the Branson Strip, they rode the ‘duck’ for a tour and just had fun relaxing – and eating (always a fun part of vacation, isn’t it?). I’m told they’re already talking about planning next year’s trip.

With a reminder that summer also brings new experiences even when you stay home, people served at Mosaic in Pontiac, Illinois, recently finished an art class in which everyone created an original work of art. Even more exciting, the Pontiac Community Art Center will be displaying their work later this month. 

I’m told that project was made possible by the work and donations many community volunteers. Kudos to Pontiac for making summer special for many people.

Of course there are picnics, too. (I hope they had watermelon!) Down at Mosaic in Lubbock, Texas, their annual friends and family picnic included lunch, a band (who donated their time) and a visit from Raider Red, the Texas Tech Mascot. The best entertainment, though, was the talent show showcasing the dramatic flair of people served.

Up at Mosaic in Northeast Nebraska (which has three locations), they organized their own summer carnival. It included a number of games with prizes, a photo booth, and food (can’t have a carnival without cotton candy). Prior to the carnival, they had a luau in another city and are planning the next event already for their third location.

These sound like typical summer activities, don’t they?

One of the things that makes them all special, however, is the invisible support and dedication of volunteers, donors, and staff, without whom none of these activities would happen for people.

The activities and events will come to define summer for people. 

But the love and support behind them continue to define Mosaic. 

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