Season of Advent – God with Us

“Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel, shall come to you, O Israel!”

“I get more than I give.”  

I could not count the number of times I’ve heard that from direct support workers at Mosaic.  They are the front line, the face of Mosaic, serving people in 10 states across the country.

“I get more than I give.”  

For those of us in churches that follow a calendar of church seasons, we’re in Advent.  It is a season of hope, a season of anticipation, a season of waiting.  While we anticipate the great celebration of Christmas, we proclaim that we wait joyfully for the second coming of Christ.

But, as many of us know, the presence of Christ is all around us when we look.

When I visit with employees who provide direct support services, I am amazed at the capacity to love and to give that many of them exhibit.  I’ve had people tell me they know that serving in that role is a “calling,” not a job.  In those people, I see the presence of Christ—regardless of whether they themselves are Christian or not.  They manifest God’s love, the love of Christ who laid down his life for others.

Yet, in giving, direct support workers tell me they receive even more:

“Where else can I go to work and have people so happy to see me?”

“If I’m feeling down, they pick me up and make me smile.”

“She inspires me.”

Those are other statements I’ve heard from direct support staff.  It's clear that staff members  are not the only ones to make the love of Christ present at Mosaic.

Mosaic is a ministry of the Church.  One should not be surprised Christ’s love is manifest through our work.  But it is always good to hear people affirm it. 

“Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel, shall come to you, O Israel!”

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