Summertime Fun

 Summer Fun Photos

VBS and BBQs.

Yep, it’s summertime.

Across Mosaic, people are taking advantage of summer activities, including Vacation Bible School, barbecues, trips to theme parks and water parks, summer camps, and more.

Many of these activities happen because of the great volunteers and donors we have at Mosaic. Examples are abundant. Volunteers open barbecues and picnics to people we serve. Donor gifts help pay admission for theme parks and summer camps fees. Churches partner with Mosaic, inviting people not only to attend but to help lead VBS. The list could go on.

It helps make a life of possibilities real for the people we serve. It also brings meaning and satisfaction to the people who help make it happen. We’re grateful for all of our partners in this mission.

Here is a smattering of photos from some of those activities. Chris from Omaha, Nebraska, enjoys being a New York City tourist, posing in front of a double-decker tour bus. Zoe is having a great time playing in the barrier free splash park in Des Moines, Iowa. Chad and Bryan rock the Firekracker 5K with running buddies in Fort Collins, Colorado. Brandon is having a great time teaching at Vacation Bible School in Des Moines. The Waco, Texas, Mosaic crew is enjoying their time at the local waterpark. Chris from Northern Indiana is enjoying the theme park bumper car ride.

Summer Fun Photos

You’re still reading?

Its summertime – get out and enjoy it!

(Fall and winter are right around the corner.)




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