Virtual High-Fives on National High-Five Day

Barb and Tim share a high-five.

In the realm of ‘there’s a day for everything,’ today is National High-Five Day.  It really is a thing. Has been since 2002. There’s even a website about it. 

I don’t think you can high-five someone without also having a grin on your face. It’s not something you plan—they tend to be spontaneous, often a reaction that says, ‘good job!’ or ‘we did it’ or ‘dang, that was slick!’


Since I’m not able to do it in person, here’s a list of people who deserve a virtual high-five.

  1. Mosaic direct support staff. Mosaic’s employees are hands-down, the best. They show up at people’s homes to work in a snowstorm, even when other office and schools close. They stay when needed, even if their scheduled shift ends.

    Sure, sometimes they get to go cool places with someone they support (think NYC, Graceland, Disney World), but when it comes down to it they are the hands and feet that help the people Mosaic supports cook, clean, dress, bathe and so much more.

  2. Donors. They choose to give to this mission for many reasons, but many do it because they see good come from Mosaic's work in the world and want to be a part of it. For some, it is sacrificial giving.

    We once received a letter with a check from an older woman who apologized she couldn’t give in the future. She was running out of resources but said she’d continue praying for Mosaic. People put their money where they think it will do good. 

  3. Volunteers. Across Mosaic, volunteers do many things: home maintenance, fundraising, helping people be active in the community, and more. They share whatever talent they’ve got to help others.

    Next week, we’ll share a story about a guy who brings his guitar for ‘jam sessions’ with a couple of guys Mosaic serves. A pretty great friendship has grown and dream is to have a band (they’ve already picked out a name).

  4. Community partners. The poverty that often comes with disability can be isolating for people. It places stringent limits on their opportunities. Life is not meant to be a solo experience. Kudos to the community partners who affirm and embrace people with disabilities. Among their number are businesses who offer jobs, churches who offer fellowship, clubs and organizations who offer friendship and activities.

  5. The people Mosaic serves. Every person Mosaic supports has unique goals. It may take months, even years, to achieve those goals. We’ve written stories about people who worked toward better health and were able to stop some medications.

    Others learned to change behaviors to conquer anxiety or a quick temper. (How many of us know how difficult that is?) The list of successes is long.

That’s just the start of my list. Every one of us enjoys getting an attaboy or attagirl now and then. A high five’s a simple way.

Today’s the day to do it. 



Blessings and love to a the dedicated, loving staff ,volunteers and donors for Mosaic and the beautiful folks they serve!

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