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Possibilities are the stock-in-trade at Mosaic. 

Whether it is for the people we serve, our employees, donors, volunteers or the communities we're in, we want to make new possibilities come to life.

We're optimists at heart, believing that something good is always right around the corner. 

We also believe that our mission is a shared mission; we're in this together with the people we serve, their families, our donors and volunteers, and the communities we're in. 

It is a crowd-sourced mission!  So join in.  Be a part of Mosaic possibilities.


Creighton students with Mosaic staff

“There was no huge moment in Axtell, but everything little makes so much sound there,” said Emmali Munger, one of nine students from Creighton University who spent their fall break at Mosaic in Axtell.

Over the past several years, nine student groups from Creighton’s John P. Schlegel, SJ, Center for Service and Justice (SCSJ) have elected to spend their spring and fall breaks at Bethphage Village in Axtell, Neb.

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The BCC team on air.

December 3rd marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, an international day of awareness to increase understanding of issues affecting persons with disabilities around the world.

In North America, events and activities from Disabled Persons’ Organizations (DPOs), disability service organizations and advocacy groups are common. But in Tanzania, awareness events are few and far between. Building a Caring Community (BCC) is working to change that.

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Mosaic Grows in Nebraska

Mosaic is growing today.

Almost every day, Mosaic grows as new people come to us to receive supports. But today, we’re growing with a big leap in Nebraska as we acquire another service provider.

This is good for many reasons.

First, Mosaic’s foundation of faith has formed our values and the way we serve people. Our values aren’t just words on a wall; they are lived every day. Integrity, respect, safety, connection: people with disabilities...Read more


Today Johnny lives in a home with five other housemates. He has his own room – lovingly painted in bright colors and filled with his favorite trains. Every month, Mosaic staff member Bonnie helps Johnny skype with his mother Joy – it’s something that means the world to both mother and son. “The staff are compassionate and treat people with the dignity and respect they so deserve,” Joy said. “He has privacy and...Read more


What sparks joy in your life?

For the young adults we support in Tanzania, it’s learning skills that will help them earn a living throughout their lives.

This December, Building a Caring Community (BCC) will usher its first group of graduates into the working world. Here are their stories:


Before the Moshi center opened, Jonathan’s mother brought him everywhere with her, including to funerals. At a young age, Jonathan loved being...Read more

Margaret Mrawa

On this International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, those of us at Building a Caring Community (BCC) are reflecting on the reality of women in Tanzania and the action that we can take to empower women and girls here in Moshi.

The United Nations Development Program’s most recent gender inequality index reveals the disempowering reality for women in Tanzania, which places 124th of 159 countries in the gender equality ranking.

Violence against women...Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

Good people.

Working with good people and serving good people—that’s about the easiest way to describe what Mosaic employees told me they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Mosaic’s mission of service attracts many of the people who work for the organization. They feel satisfied knowing that in ways big and small, they are making a difference in the lives of others.

“I am thankful for having the opportunity to come...Read more

God's work. Our hands. Volunteers

Trey Madsen describes himself as a “green thumb.” He used to have a garden and loves being outdoors. He also did landscaping for three years.

This connection with nature made Madsen an ideal candidate for volunteer yard work at Bethany Lutheran Home in Council Bluffs, Iowa on “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday.

“I like the fresh air and the sense of freedom,” said Madsen, who is supported by Mosaic in Western Iowa. “There are no walls to keep you in...Read more

Honorary Emergency Manager Chris Grimm

When natural disasters and other emergency situations strike, people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable. Disability acts as a multiplier, intensifying risk from both natural and human forces. People with disabilities often cannot evacuate on their own, or they struggle to carry life-preserving medical equipment with them.

Thanks to a robust Emergency Operations Plan designed by several...Read more